3rd Anniversary

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

For our anniversary this year, things were anything but dull. The big thing that was happening in our lives was that Cade was supposed to receive his LSAT scores this day. However, due to Hurricane Sandy, the offices that handle the scores closed and he didn’t get his scores for a few more days. Apparently, this is the only time in history that the scores had been delayed. So, needless to say, Cade was a little stressed out. We were waiting on his scores to see if he was going to begin applying to law schools, which wanted applications by October 31st. Luckily, most extended the due date with the scores not coming in time. I had earlier that month taken the GRE and already had my scores, but was extremely nervous for Cade and needed to know if I was going to apply for graduate school myself.

I also was in my last semester of undergraduate school and applying for jobs. Since this is a few months later, I can tell you that I did in fact graduate and found a job at Wabash Valley, which I start next week (the same day that Cade begins his last semester).

Lastly, in our normal low-key fashion, we went to McAlister’s for our anniversary dinner. Not super fancy by any means, but with all the stress going around, we needed to just go somewhere that we could chill for awhile and enjoy ourselves, which I think we both did. Just being together and celebrating our marriage is what’s important on our anniversary…and any time of the year, actually.

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