4th of July in España

Hola Todos,

To celebrate the 4th of July in Spain, Maria and Luis made a bunch of American things for us. This meant a lot since the 4th of July is so important for Americans and we weren’t able to celebrate it in the US. We drank beer and tinto de verano (little bit of Spain in our celebration). Maria made barbeque ribs and hamburgers with all the normal fixings. We also listened to American music. All the American things really made me miss the US and having get-togethers with the family, but it was so nice to get to show them a little bit of American culture. Maria’s cousin, her husband, and son were also there, and everyone tried to speak English the whole night. It was a nice change of pace to see them struggle a little with talking. lol. Maria’s cousin’s son, Nacho, is super adorable and can speak English pretty well since he’s learning it at school. Us girls always find him to be the cutest thing ever, he’s 11, and talk to him quite a bit when they come over. But, we stayed up pretty late drinking and talking…very nice night celebrating and American holiday in Spain. Mixing our cultures!

Hasta Luego!

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