5th Anniversary

As I do with every anniversary, I document what we did on my blog. This year was a big one since it was the 5th…absolutely crazy to believe that it’s been that long. And, we’ve been together for over 6! With this being a big year, we looked up the traditions with the anniversaries and found that the 5th year is wood. Hmm..what to do with that? We had decided to not buy each other gifts, but I wanted to do something to follow the tradition and try to get creative, since Cade normally far surpasses me in that department. With a little looking around on the internet, I came across wooden signs..so, wood check! Then, I found some that you could personalize..creative?, perfect! So, the result was this sign:20141108_170749












Since our anniversary was actually on Thursday, we got to see each other for a total of about 2 hours. Thursday was our long day this semester, with me not getting home until 10pm from class. So, we got a little excited..and needed some help with a hard week with midterms..and got ourselves a little treat the day before. Starbucks was having a three day special of their Franken Frappucino, and they had also recently come out with their Pumpkin Spice Frappucino. So, I went and got us both to have a little mid-week/early anniversary treat.

On the Friday night after our anniversary, as is custom, we treated ourselves to a nice dinner out that would normally be out of our price range. Lucky for us, our new surroundings provide multiple options that fit that category. We decided on a tapas bar, Dali Restaurant & Tapas Bar, since it always reminds me of Spain, and I got Cade hooked after our Chicago tapas bar experience. I got sangria which was amazing and Cade a beer. We then ordered four different tapas…all of which were amazing. 20141031_175205

20141031_180022 20141031_18105620141031_181553











The top is of patatas alioli and croquetas with fish in them. The right is bacon wrapped prunes. Then, the left is a vegetable empanada. All were amazing!



They also were having a costume contest since it was Halloween…yes, we celebrated our anniversary on Halloween. Happens quite often when your anniversary is the day before. But, the costumes made things pretty entertaining. We were trying to decide who to vote for, then towards the end of our meal a guy comes over as a matador and had a little toro buddy who he could wind up and he would charge. That sold us..he got our vote! Little animals are a sure fire way to win us over. 🙂

We then decided to get us some beer and wine for home and got our ingredients for our dessert. Since it was Halloween, I suggested we make pan de los muertos. Dia de los muertos is such a cool holiday, and I love doing little things to celebrate it, so that’s what we made. 20141031_192803 20141031_220547






It didn’t come out amazing since we seem to have a bad track record with making bread, but it wasn’t bad and the frosting made it sugary good.

So, that was our 5th anniversary! Nothing spectacular but special in its own right. We had a good time and can not look forward to the next big milestone of one decade together.

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