A 1/4 of a Century Old

As my so loving husband put it on my 25th birthday, I’m now a quarter of a century old. He doesn’t have much room to talk considering he’s three years older than me..and often forgets his age. But, as most know, I was almost a Valentine’s Day baby..just one day early. This comes with some benefits: it’s easy to remember for most people and I get double the love for two days in a row. However, there are also drawbacks: Valentine’s Day can somewhat overshadow my birthday, especially when it comes to going out to dinner. As I’ve gotten older, I actually prefer to just stay in for my birthday, simply to avoid the huge Valentine’s Day crowd. And, this is exactly what we did for my birthday this year. It also was super cold, with the (what I’m told) unusually cold weather we’re having here. So, to make it special, Cade decided to fix me a dinner and cake. It was just up to me to pick out what he was going to make. So, we headed up to Whole Foods. Normally, we don’t buy things like meat at Whole Foods because it’s so expensive, but I decided to treat us to a nice piece of salmon from their fresh fish department and some pasta with bread (two of my favorite foods ever!). Then we went to get some ingredients to make a cake. Cade is super creative when it comes to cooking, especially baking, so he ran with it. In the end, he made a devils food cake with a peanut butter center and strawberry icing. Needless to say, it was rich and super delicious!20150213_200344 20150213_220035











So, I thought that I would feel a bit different turning 25. It kind of blew my mind that I’m now halfway through my 20’s. Nevermind the whole 1/4 of a century old, thinking that 30 will be here in 5 years is way more crazy to me. It seems like 30 is that age when you’re officially an adult..no more messing around; you should be done with school, in a career, and thinking about a family (if you haven’t already started one). Who knows where Cade and I will be in 5 years (he’ll be 30 in just over 2 years. haha!), and we aren’t the type to follow any of these should be things. So, maybe we’ll finally be done with school, in careers, and thinking about a family..maybe we won’t. I’m sure whatever happens, both of us will always be kids deep down.

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  1. You will only be as old as your heart says you are………… Proverbs. Sounds like you had a mighty fine 25th birthday. Hubby cooking for you and all…………. Troy

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