A Relaxing Afternoon

Hola Todos,

So, Tuesday Rebecca and I decided that we wanted to go out for some coffee and just chill. It was actually a nice day, cooler than normal here, but it was the first rainfall. However, by rainfall I mean it literally sprinkled on and off throughout the day. I was out in it a couple times and definitely didn’t need an umbrella. Which is kind of funny/sad because that is the only rain they have gotten since we have been here.

But, we walked around the Plaza del Sol, which is kind of like the downtown part of Madrid for like 30 minutes and could not find any good looking cafes. So, unfortunately, we stopped at some chain called Cafe & Té, which was good just not local like we wanted. But, I ended up getting some hot fruit tea, which was super good and the first cup of tea I’ve had since being here. Just a good, relaxing afternoon overall.







Hasta Luego!

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