A Relaxing Weekend in Granada

Hola Todos,

This past weekend was our last in Spain and we had our trip to Granada. This trip was super relaxing and so nice to have as a send off from Spain. First, we had to spend about six hours on a bus to get down there. During our trip, Celestino decided that it would be fun to sing some Spanish songs, which was until we sang two songs about three times each. We sang Viva España and some song about colors. Although Celestino says that he’s in his 90s (I would say that he’s gotta be at least late 70s), he has so much energy, and he was walking up and down the bus practically screaming the songs. But, the first night we got down there, Friday evening, Rebecca, Todd, and I decided to go walking around. We found a shopping area, which had a lot of cool, Spanish things, then we sat down outside one of the restaurants on this very popular street named Navas and had some wine and tapas.

The next day, Saturday, we all headed out for a day full of fun things. We first had a woman come along with us to talk about the city, and we had a small walking tour.

We then headed up to the Alhambra, which was absolutely gorgeous. This place is so big that at one time it was actually a city. The Muslims came to Spain and build the city with gardens, a mosque, etc. Then, in the 15th century, the Christians came and destroyed the majority of it and rebuilt. So, there was quite a bit of mixing between the Muslim and Christian styles. The gardens and courtyards of the palace were absolutely gorgeous…almost breathtaking. So many flowers and the palace had these long pools in between bushes and flowers…just very elegant and pretty. There are so many people that come to visit the Alhambra that they have to turn away a few thousand everyday because of space reasons and to help protect the buildings from decaying from the traffic.



After the Alhambra, we headed south to the beach. With how much I love beaches, it was so pretty to me, and there was a cliff right next to us on the beach, which I loved. The only part that I did not like was that they used rocks instead sand, which hurt my feet pretty bad. My feet got a pretty good exfoliation, which they needed desperately, but it was still pretty uncomfortable. But, Rebecca, Todd, Justin, John, and I all got some lunch at a restaurant just off the beach, then got to get in the water and lay out for about an hour. I was bummed that it was so quick, but it was probably best since the UV index was 11 and I got a little burnt with being out for just that amount of time and after putting on sunscreen. That night when we returned back to our hotel, we had dinner at the hotel again, and the same group decided to go out for some more wine, tapas, and some relaxation.

Sunday was our trip back home. Again, Celestino had us sing Viva España three times, so it has been stuck in my head the majority of the evening. We had our last dinner with Maria and Luis this evening, too, which was pretty sad. I’ve already decided that I’m going to cry at the airport….they have become too big of an impact on my life to not be upset about leaving them behind. Hopefully one day I’ll get to return to see them, hopefully with Cade so he can see some of this awesome country. Tomorrow morning is the last and I’ll fly to Berlin and meet up with Cade! I am beyond excited to see him and Germany, but it is bittersweet to leave Spain, Maria, and Luis.

Hasta Luego en Alemania!

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  1. It’s been so much fun reading about your adventures, KellyAnnWomanChild. I imagine that it will be difficult to say goodbye, but perhaps it is just an “until we meet again”.

    I hope you and manchild have a very, very good time. I’m thinking that West Lafayette is going to seem pretty little by the time you two return to it.

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