A Thanksgiving Surprise

Like last year, Cade and I anticipated that we would be spending Thanksgiving by ourselves. However, we were very excited when we heard that Cade’s dad and grandmother (or as we call her Mamam) came out to spend it with us and his aunt who lives in the area. A few days before the holiday, his dad and Mamam made the long journey from Indiana to Boston and was able to spend a few days with us. This was quite nice 1) because family came to us, 2) we go to spend time at Cade’s aunt’s apartment, which is much bigger than our and has a gym, 3) we got fed (food and alcohol, which to us is a food group), and 4) I didn’t have to cook. Now, I don’t mind cooking, at least for the two of us, but I never turn down an opportunity to be fed by someone else. So, Cade and I made the trek up on the commuter rail and spent the weekend with the family.

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The next day, we wanted to show Cade’s dad and Mamam some of the area, so we hopped over the Concord to check out the Old North Bridge.

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Cade and I decided to come home to spend time in our own bed, and the following day the gang came down so we could show them around Boston and Harvard’s campus. This included some more yummy food, this time from Legal Seafood, one of our favorite places but far out of our price range.

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Selfie with Auntie!
Selfie with Auntie!

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