And, Fremont It Shall Be…Someday

As mentioned, Cade and I loved Seattle, and we loved Fremont even more. If we moved here, this would be our target area for finding a home. A neighborhood just over the canal from mainland Seattle, Fremont was this hodgepodge of coffee shops, artwork, and techie zone. There were tons of green spaces, coffee shops, random artwork, and housed offices for Google, Adobe, and the like. One of the major art pieces that Fremont is famous for is the Fremont Troll…it even has a street named after it. When seeing this online, I have to say that I was slightly creeped out by this, and seeing it in person didn’t totally help this. But, it was insanely cool, nonetheless.

-  (351)

Some people don’t quite realize how large this piece is, so here is a size comparison:

-  (355)And, for those who don’t know, I’m about 5’2″, so gigantic, right!?

Another very cool thing that Fremont has to offer is a chocolate factory, Theo Chocolate, and of course, we had to do the tour. It was pretty cheap and they gave you chocolate samples, pretty much a score! Little interesting fact about Theo Chocolate: they are the only chocolate company in the US that is organic, fair trade, and goes from bean to chocolate bar, so a good company to support. 
-  (420)

Rocking the hairnet look!
Rocking the hairnet look!






And, as mentioned, green spaces galore! Sometimes, there are even green spaces mixed with the art…

-  (378)-  (373)





-  (386)






After exploring all that Fremont has to offer, we headed over to the University of Washington to scope things our for my little brother, who’s considering going to med school here, and take a canoe ride, which the campus rents out to the public. While the campus isn’t actually part of Fremont itself, it’s just a short bus ride over and quite gorgeous, as well.

-  (454)-  (459)





-  (490)



With all of its green spaces, artwork, tech district, and things to do, maybe Cade and I will find ourselves here one day. I told him he just needs to mix his law and computer degrees to get us out here and him into a good job to afford our future house. Just that simple, right!?


-  (379)If you do travel here, be sure to check out all of these amazing places and hidden gems. Oh, and don’t forget, try some of their coffee! There’s a million shops for you to try out, and of course Fremont has some of its own.


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