Botanic Gardens & Wrapping Up

For our last day in Denver, Cade actually had to spend the majority of the day in the office. Before you feel too much sympathy for him, though, his last day as a lawyer in Denver was spent hiking, playing mini-golf, and drinking. With Cade wrapping up his duties at the office, I got to do some exploring of my own. After sleeping in just a little bit to recoop from the mountain adventures, I was off to the Denver Botanic Gardens. Cade had gone when his mom was out to visit, and after seeing the pictures I knew I had to go. It was such a relaxing place to be. Luckily, with it being a Monday, it wasn’t very crowded and the weather cooperated really well. I spent the morning just wandering around the beautiful scenery and appreciating the moments of calm.

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That evening, Cade and I met back at the apartment and set off on our last dinner in the Mile High City. We tried a laid back place downtown, called Appaloosa Grill, then headed to Peak’s Lounge for some drinks while watching the sunset. Ever since our visit to Willis Tower in Chicago, we’ve had a thing for going in tall buildings, preferably to watch the sunset.

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We could even see Big Blue Bear, still peering inside the Convention Center.









Because I forgot to post pictures of Big Blue Bear in other posts, here they are. It’s a pretty cool public art piece to check out.

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Well, that wraps up our time in Denver. Back to Boston to finish out our summer before classes start back up..for me the final year, for Cade second of three.

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