Thank You Letter

From my work as a case manager, I’ve come to learn that there will always be days when I feel overwhelmed, stressed out, and just over it all. However, amongst all those difficult moments when I begin to doubt my abilities to make any difference, there comes a moment that reminds me that all the hard work is most definitely worth it. As many in the field could attest to, with children you find rewarding moments, not through their actual recognition or verbal expression of gratitude, but rather through their subtle actions allowing you to see the baby steps that they are accomplishing. When I was handed this letter, it truly summed up the work that I do with children and reminded me to be attentive to their little moments of progress and realize that their negative behaviors, that often lead me to doubt and frustration, are often their way of expressing that I am making an impact. Through all of their defiant behaviors and doing the complete opposite of the treatment goals, there are those smiles, reaches for help, and glimpses into their thoughts that fuels my drive to continue and reminds me that those moments are what makes all the difference.

Can’t Find the Words to Thank You