Switching Host Families

Hola Todos!

Okay, so my roommates and I were living with Ana. Throughout the four days of living with Ana, my roommates had many problems with Ana and her ways of living. The problems ranged from the cooking, to the showers, to the lights, etc. I felt that some of the rules were pretty strict…she did write up rules in English and gave them to us the first day…but thought that maybe that was just the way things were in Spain, maybe everyone lives like this and we just need to get used to it. However, we talked to Heidi, one of the directors for the MLSA program, and told her everything that had been happening. Heidi reassured us that the way Ana lives is not completely normal and that it was very strict, so Heidi  decided to call Ana while we had our second class that day.

When we returned to the house, this were very awkward and was obvious that Heidi had talked to her. Around an hour or so after lunch, Ana came into the bedroom and wanted to talk with all of us. She was very upset that we had gone to Heidi and was not talking to her instead…she seemed very concerned about what the program thought of her. When Lauren tried to tell her some of the problems she was having, Ana blew up and started yelling at us about how she had done so much for us and we needed to be more respectful of her. After that, we left and called Heidi to let her know that we all wanted to leave the house.

About a half hour later, Heidi and Celestino (the main director for MLSA) showed up to help us get our things and move us to a new home. When we all came up to the apartment, Ana immediately started yelling to Heidi about how horrible we were and that she had done so much for us. It was pretty funny, after we left Heidi told us that she was absolutely crazy and that they will not be using them as a host family again (this was the first year for them with this program).

Now, we are in a new home with Maria and Luis, which is so amazing. They are such nice, fun, young-hearted people. They immediately took us in and made us feel right at home. We also have two other roommates now, John and Rebecca. So, they are housing a total of five students and sleeping at their friend’s home next door so we all have a bed in their home.

The stress from the switch was definitely worth it! 🙂
Hasta Luego!