Chill Day in the Mile High City

After Cade and I’s two days of exploring and being in the mountains, we decided to just have a chill day around the city. It also helped that it was Sunday, so it seemed pretty appropriate to just relax and wander around the city. After sleeping in a bit, our first stop was this local favorite breakfast spot, Syrup. While it was pretty expensive, especially for breakfast, I can see why it’s so popular. It had an upscale but comfy feel, kind of perfect for a Sunday breakfast/brunch, and the food was delicious.20150802_122351






To walk off some of the meal, we checked out the 16th Street Mall, which is this pedestrian street lined with shopping and restaurants, essentially a tourist trap, but it was pretty and  a nice day. Along with the usual for a mall area, there were different activities happening, including chess, rock wall climbing, and paddle boarding.




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Next, we headed over to Stranahan’s, one of the local distilleries. Cade and I have been to quite a few breweries during our travels, so when I found out that Denver has some pretty famous whiskey distilleries, we decided to add one to the list. I tried to be open to trying the whiskey and took the guide’s suggestions on how to drink it, but whiskey apparently is just not my thing. While I enjoyed the tour, I won’t be planning on drinking any whiskey anytime soon.

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After our tour, we headed for some dinner and to try another of the local ice cream shops, this time Sweet Action. Unlike Little Man, who has a giant milk jug as their building, Sweet Action was in a normal building but had tons of unique flavors, including a Stranahan’s whiskey flavor. Cade had to go for that one since we had just been. I don’t remember now what two flavors I got or the second of Cade’s was, but biscuits and jam was in there and all were delicious.


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