El Congreso

Hola Todos,

Friday was another excursion here in Madrid, this time to the congress. One of our professors, Juan, came, which was awesome. We all love him and this was his first one that he came to with us. But, overall, I didn’t find this excursion to be that interesting, simply because I don’t really understand the political system in America let alone here. The building itself was very pretty, once again a little over the top. We also got to take pictures inside the main congress room, one in the main seats and another in the stand up front, which was pretty cool. Not quite sure how we’re going to get those pictures, but I’m hoping someone in the program will get a hold of them. Another cool thing that I found was there was a huge board/post across the street from the congress building that people had put up in protest against the government.








Hasta Luego!

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