El Jardín Botánico

Hola Todos,

So, last Wednesday we had our last excursion in Madrid and it was to the botanical gardens that are next to the Prado. The first thing to point out is that last week temperatures got above 100 degrees here, and they planned the excursion for four in the afternoon. So, by the time I got home from this my entire body was sticky from all the sweat. However, the gardens were absolutely beautiful. It was a little unfortunate because lots of students did not go due to the weather….they definitely missed out.

So, some of the features of the garden included:
Pathways named after late Kings – Charles IV for example
These pollen balls that were huge and yellow – these were meant to catch pollen, which gave them their yellow color.
An area that was dedicated to medicine plants – these included lavender, some lemon hibiscus plant, etc. They had some pretty cool smells from the flowers and leaves.
There also was a greenhouse that had more tropical plants and a little pond with tiny fish in it, very pretty.
There were some cacti and palm tress too, which reminded me of Little Friend and Florida.
They had the Ginkgo trees, and we talked about why Purdue smells so much from these trees – apparently they planted all females, which give off a powerful odor in a mating ritual thing, while the males tend to not have such a strong smell. It was pretty cool to see some of Purdue in the gardens.







Hasta Luego!

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