El Museo del Prado

Hola Todos!

For the Art of the Prado class I am taking here, we actually go to the Prado to look at the paintings in real life. This past Thursday was our first visit, we also went Friday, and we will always meet at the museum on Thursdays from now on for class.

First off, the museum is so massive and has tons of paintings, artifacts, and sculptures. Thursday we focused on El Greco since our first test over his work is this coming Tuesday. El Greco mainly focused on religious paintings, which is really beautiful but a little boring after seeing and analyzing five or so. We also use these intercome system thing where the teacher gets one to talk into and we all get ones for us to listen to her, so she doesn’t have to yell at us in the museum…kinda cool technology.

Friday was a general visit where we looked at all different kinds of paintings. The teachers also focused on Velazquez and Goya since they are the other two painters that we will be studying in class. Velazquez did a lot of paintings for the royal family; some are pretty cool like the Infanta Margarita painting. Goya does some different things, including some “black paintings” that are actually kinda creepy…just google it, but we saw one where this creature/god was eating a person; like I said creepy!

But, overall the museum is gorgeous and seeing the paintings in real life are amazing…the pictures in class so not give them any justice. Look forward to more visits. Hasta luego!

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