End of Summer Hoorah

After returning from my trip in Indiana, Cade and I had about one more week to just chill before the semester started. Making it more perfect was that Labor Day Weekend was right before classes started. So, for the long weekend, we booked it full of some local adventures. First up was the Boston Public Market in Haymarket. I’m a huge fan of the farmers and open markets throughout the city. There are always good finds and supporting local farmers feels amazing. Since neither one of us had been to this market, we decided it was time to give it a try. We picked up some delicious local wildflower honey, then watched the bees they had on display for a while. Then we scoped out the options for some lunch, and we went with a bluefish sandwich, unicorn blood (pressed juice, even though we imagined drinking the blood from a magical creature), and a apple cider donut for dessert.

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Upon gathering our goodies, we headed over to the Boston Common for a picnic and some good ole fashioned people watching.

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Last on our adventure for the day was a stop at Cheers. While this is definitely a touristy thing to do in Boston, it’s kind of a must. And, who can pass up some afternoon beer.















The next day we returned to our favorite Boston beach, Pleasure Bay. Figuring the warm summer weather might leave New England at any time, this could be the last good weekend to sit oceanside. We soaked up the sun for awhile, walked around the bay, and finished with some lunch at Sullivan’s.

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With our last hoorah of summer, we were rested up and ready to start the fall semester. Now about halfway through the semester, I think both of us are wishing for more of this kind of relaxation, but fall is bringing its own beauty.

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