Excursión a Salamanca

Hola Todos,

This past Saturday was our last day excursion, and it was to Salamanca. We of course saw more cathedrals, another one that was absolutely huge – Las Torres Medievales de la Catedral. It was actually really cool, because we got to up to the top; this one had several levels on the outer part/roof of it. It also had a balcony thing that went around the entire top part of the cathedral on the inside, so we got to see the main part from the top, which was really pretty.

We also visited the Plaza Mayor of the town, which is where we started our day. There were a lot of cafes and little shops around it that we really neat to see and just chill at.

During our lunch break, a group of us went over the huge cathedral and ate our lunch outside in the shade. While we were there, a wedding was going on at the cathedral, so we got to watch lots of people come by in pretty dresses. Also, we found out that people in Spain also like those crazy hats that I assumed were only popular in the UK.







Also, that night our host parents, their family, and friends had a fiesta in the yard. We all went down to it and had a really good time. We drank, ate lots of food, and danced. Everyone in the family is super nice and very fun to be around. Very fun night, and although I did not stay down there very late, they partied until about 5 in the morning.







Hasta Luego!

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