First Day in Berlin


For this post, I’ll start off with something funny: so, I spend six weeks in Spain and leave with a base tan, never really getting burnt, just a little red a couple times. I then come to Germany and get burnt the first day here. Not sure how this is possible, but it happened. My feet got burnt and my arms just a little.

So moving on with the day, we had our City Walking Tour this morning. Our tour guide, Brian, was super into his job, Canadian, and made the tour very fun and interesting. We saw many of the major sites/memorials around the town. We saw:
The hotel that Michael Jackson held his baby out over the balcony.
A memorial site for the Jews people, which had lots of stone hedges that varied in height. They also had a lower part that Cade and I are going to try to return to. One of the sad things was that they painted the stone hedges in a coating that prevents spray paint from attaching so no one could graffiti them. However, they later found out that the company that made the coating also made the gas that the Nazis used to kill the Jews.
We walked to the spot where the underground bunker of Hitler was located, this also was the spot that he killed himself. Apparently, the story goes that when the Russians were invading, Hitler’s wife took a cyanide pill and Hitler shot himself in the head. When it was over, his men took him up out of the bunker to burn his, his wife, and his dog. The Russians later found the spot, took what they thought was a jaw bone, had it identified, and found out that it was Hitler. Very condensed, but those are the major points.
The second largest section of the Berlin Wall.
Check Point Charlie.

After the tour had gone a half hour over and we realized that we still had over an hour to do, we decided to just break from the group and go on with our day…we were both getting extremely hungry. So, we decide to head down to Alexanderplatz to try to find the restaurant that Cade had looked up. We wandered around for at least 30 minutes, found another restaurant that looked appealing, and decided to eat there instead. It was really good; I had Currywurst and my first beer in Germany!

After lunch, we headed over to the East Side Gallery, which is where the largest section of the Berlin Wall stands. It is around 1 kilometer long and has many different graffiti works on it. It was pretty powerful to see, and we can now say that we have seen (and touched!) the Berlin Wall….pretty amazing.

After a little break back at the hostel, we headed back out for some dinner. We went to a grocery store that Cade had found over the weekend, got us some meat, cheese, bread, and some jello/pudding things. We then headed over to the Victory Column Memorial site to eat our little picnic and relax a little. It was nice to just chill and check out the city.

Now, we’re just chilling in the lobby of our hostel, drinking beer. Very good first day and definitely looking forward to the following days!

Auf Wiedersehen!

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