Free Beer & Cider!

One of the perks of living in Harvard owned housing is that they have these housing associations or groups that clusters a few housing units together and holds events. Cade and I being the homebodies that we are, we typically don’t attend these events, because we would rather spend time together doing what we choose. But, occasionally they offer free alcohol as part of the events, which makes it a bit harder to pass up. One of these came up over the Spring semester, where it was all about the alcohol..they hosted a beer and cider tasting, featuring a couple of local breweries who came to talk about their product, brewing process, and offer us their product for free. So, I talked Cade into going with the promise that we would have our own dinner plans and usual Friday night, aside from the tasting. Marriage, people..half negotiation. 😉

So, Friday evening, we had our usual, even if informal, date night dinners at one of the Harvard campus dining areas. And, we made sure to get our usual treat (dessert) at the local grocery store after.

But, to the tasting. The two featured breweries were Aeronaut and Bantam. Like I said, they started by each talking about their brewing process, how they got started, and answering questions.  This part was actually pretty interested, since while I know very little and have no skills, I find the whole brewing process really intriguing. Maybe one of these days I’ll join Cade in his brewing process.

Here’s the line up of what we got to taste:

Aeronaut - Imperial Stout
Aeronaut – Imperial Stout
Aeronaut - Red Galaxy
Aeronaut – Red Galaxy
Aeronaut - El Dorado
Aeronaut – El Dorado
Bantam - Rojo
Bantam – Rojo
Bantam - Americain
Bantam – Americain
Bantam - Wunderkind
Bantam – Wunderkind

































It’s been awhile, so I won’t pretend to remember the taste of each one; however, I can say that the Bantam ciders really stuck out to me. I would actually buy their ciders out and about and really enjoyed how crisp and refreshing all of them were. The Aeronaut beers were pretty good, as well. They just were a bit too strong or stout for me. As I’m sure many of you can imagine, even though we went decently slow and these were only samples, I was feeling pretty good by the end of the evening. One of them being a stout beer didn’t help matters.

One of the other fun parts of the evening was them raffling off the Aeronaut growlers. And, while we don’t typically use growlers, I just think they’re cool looking and would love to have a display area for stuff like that in our future home. But, unfortunately we didn’t win one.

Here, you can see the growlers and bottles of cider. 










Fun evening that spiced up our normal routine!

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