Garden of the Gods & A Cog Train

The next day of our Denver adventures includes traveling outside the city and more mountains, but we took the much more touristy route by booking a tour with a company to take us to the various places. As most organized tour companies do, we had to meet the bus at one of the downtown hotels pretty early. We both did pretty well with getting out of bed and ready in time, but then, as we waited at the bus stop, we began to realize that the local buses were going to fail us once again. In a last minute panic, we used Lyft to get us there just in the knick of time. (Shout out to the amazing Denver Lyft drivers that got us around quickly and provided friendly company!)

Once we arrived and got on the bus, it took a bit to actually get started, as there were others to pick up and we stopped at a mall for a bit..for some reason..I honestly can’t remember why but just went with it. Soon enough, we were off toward Colorado Springs.

The first stop on our tour was the United States Air Force Academy.20150801_095556




I’ll be honest, I wasn’t super into this part of the tour; I was ready to get to the mountains, but it turned out to be interesting and the scenery was pretty. And, of course, I learned a ton about the Air Force because I had my history teacher with me (aka Cade).

They had one of the old fighter jets out front that we got to walk around and check out.20150801_094213













Once we got closer to actual base, we took a quick trek over to the cathedral, which was definitely worth the walk!


20150801_101550 20150801_101647 20150801_10180220150801_10190620150801_10205620150801_101858
























Next up was the Garden of the Gods. Reportedly, the name came from a couple surveyors; one said that the area would make for a great beer garden, but the other said that it was a place fit for the Gods to assemble, therefore it became Garden of the Gods.











After a quick drive through, we headed for one of the small towns for a group lunch, then were on our way to the cog train.
The height of our tour day was taking a cog train all the way to the top of Pikes Peak, 14,115 feet. The train had these genious windows that could be pulled down to allow for picture taking without the glare but pulled up once we got closer to the top so we didn’t get too cold. It gets pretty chilly that far up; I believe it was about 45 degrees that day. With the train, we enjoyed the big voyage by sitting back and enjoying the scenery.

20150801_125535 20150801_134200 20150801_134401 20150801_141700 20150801_141707


























Then, at the top, the views continued to impress.

20150801_144444 20150801_144634 20150801_144820 20150801_144940 20150801_145626

















After spending some time at the top, we headed back down on the cog train, then headed back to Denver on the tour bus. We grabbed a quick dinner in town, then decided to just chill for the remainder of the night. It’s funny how even when you don’t do too much physical activity, a day full of adventures can really wear you out.

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