Grads Give Back

Every Spring, Boston College offers opportunities for graduate students to volunteer. One of these is a day full of giving back to multiple organizations in Boston; they call this day Grads Give Back. With this being a one day thing and it all being arranged by Boston College, I figured this would be a great way to volunteer. We got to choose our top choices, and I of course picked…the Franklin Park Zoo, and got it! So, I got to spend a few hours helping out our animal friends in making their home a bit more beautiful than when we got there.

We started the morning at the graduate house on campus, where BC fed us some breakfast, gave us shirts, and broke us into our site groups. We also got a zoo group photo before heading out.Group







Then, we were off to the zoo, which was a pretty short bus ride. Once we got to the zoo, we found our volunteer coordinator, and she explained that we would be preparing the area for what would become the butterfly exhibit. So, I can now say that I helped make the butterfly home what it is.20150411_094410 Group-Zoo Raking Shoveling
























After a couple hours, we cleaned up, saw our progress, and were allowed to spend about 30 minutes exploring the zoo. So, volunteering ended up getting me a very quick, free trip to the zoo!

20150411_114219 20150411_114303 20150411_115217










Then, we packed up and headed back to campus. We happened to go around the Reservoir on the way back, and it looked gorgeous on the amazing day we were having.20150411_123953






Great day of giving back, enjoying animal friends, and taking in the beautiful weather.

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