Harvard Hockey…Again

Once again I’m a little behind on my posts. I’m planning on doing one about the holidays and New Years, but for the sake of being chronically correct and keeping me organized, we’ll do a bit of catching up before that.

So, for this post, I know I mentioned previously that Cade and I did some Harvard sports games last year, making this year my turn for BC games, but it’s hard to pass up two tickets for $10. With that, we ended up going to more Harvard games on top of our BC games this year.

As like last year, we still struggle with a lot of the rules of hockey but end up enjoying ourselves nonetheless. We’ve managed to understand a couple more aspects that we didn’t understand last time, but a lot of still looks like they’re beating each other up over the puck with random penalty calls. But, honestly, I think the fast pace and constant action is what makes the game so exciting to watch. The only thing was that once again they tied. A lot of people would tell you that a tie is better than losing, but my competitive sides would have a pretty heated disagreement with those people. Regardless, we enjoyed ourselves and got to have a nice evening break from the chaos of the semester.

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One of the best parts of the night came after the game.. During our commute back home, the bus drivers decided to change everyone to a different bus that apparently had some..serious issues. The suspension was gone on one side of the bus (the side we chose to sit on ironically), which made it lean heavily to that side. One part of the trip goes through an underground tunnel that is brick laid, which you can just imagine how bumpy that ride was with no suspension. Going around one major curve along the way was also interesting..looking straight down at the road. Cade and I along with another couple behind us found it incredibly amusing and laughed the whole way home. We’re still unsure of why they would move us from a perfectly fine bus to one that was obviously in need of some serious help, but we got a good laugh and memory out of the short trip. See for yourself in the picture below. It’s hard to see but you can tell there is a big lean.










The gimp bus got us home safe and sound!

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