Harvard Museum of Natural History

Another spot that Cade and I wanted to hit up before classes started was very close to us..the Harvard Museum of Natural History. This, as the name would suggest, is on Harvard’s campus. It was under construction when we first moved, and still is in certain parts, and with Cade’s student ID got both of us in for free. So, once Cade got his ID we headed over to see what it was all about. First up was this room full of plant models made out of glass. Once I realized that they were all made from glass, my mind was absolutely blown. There was an entire room full of them, and they had been hand made for educational uses. Here’s a few pics to show you how real they actually looked.20140827_140032 20140827_140105 20140827_140433









The rest of the museum mainly had animal exhibits, but with Cade and I, we can be entertained for hours with animal stuff. There were quite a bit of educational areas that talked about the evolution of animals and timelines, which I learned from. They also had a room full of insect specimens, and I have to say, I’m glad that some of those are either no longer living or at least don’t live in the United States.20140827_143925 20140827_145514










There also was an educational room that was all about environmental and energy innovations, which Cade and I were all about. We’re big into alternative energy methods and sustainability, and I really learned quite a bit in this room. Lastly, there was a room full of rocks and minerals, which honestly doesn’t interest me a whole lot. I just kind of see them as rocks, but there were lots of pretty ones, nonetheless. 20140827_151136






So, if you’re ever in the area and want a quick trip for some education, this is a nice spot to hit up. Also, it’s another excuse to check out Harvard’s campus, which is pretty in its own right.

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