Here We Come Boston!

As you recall, I got through all of our Lafayette Bucket List, and we’re on to the huge move.

This was the first time that I moved more than two hours away. Cade had moved briefly out of state, but this was going to be his biggest as well..with way more stuff than the previous move. I have to say, the logistics of moving all our stuff was probably the hardest part. Some people probably choose to just rent a huge moving truck, ship their stuff, or hire movers. As we didn’t really like any of these options, we chose to sell a ton of our stuff and just restart when we got to the destination. This felt really nice at times, a new beginning, and really emotional at times. Other times it was just annoying not have a table or a couch to sit on. The reason why some of this was emotional for me was because some of our furniture was the first I had ever bought as an adult out in the world, and I was really proud and attached to a few pieces. The dining table and couches were the hardest for me, because the table set was gorgeous, and I spend many hours on the couches, bonding. You might say, “Geez, it’s just furniture,” but if you haven’t sold your first set of furniture I don’t wanna hear it. 😛 But, as hard as it was, it was definitely a blessing in disguise…I’ll get to that later in this post. For those of you who may want some advice on selling some items, I can tell you that we had huge success on Craigslist, which was a little surprising for me. I was honestly one of those people that was terrified of getting a Craigslist killer, but everyone that we actually sold to was super nice and gave us zero issues. You seasoned Craigslist sellers will know about this, but many buyers from Craigslist will contact you, seem really interested, then back out..sometimes without any explanation. From our experience, if someone actually followed through with the sell, they came and got the item within 12 hours of contacting us (in a couple cases, within 2 hours).

After selling a ton of our stuff, the next challenge was deciding the size of truck to get to move the rest of it. This might not seem like a huge ordeal, but when you’re trying to do this with someone who has OCD it quickly turns into many hours of debating, going back and forth, and measuring. This ended up paying off in the end, but I gotta say I wanted to rip my hair out towards the end. (Love ya, honey!) After these long hours, we finally decided on a 12 foot truck, which made Cade pretty happy since he ended up driving the entire trip. I will say, if we hadn’t gotten ride of the majority of our furniture in our 2 bedroom apartment, we would have absolutely needed the next size up (16 foot), which is what we had originally rented. Something else about renting a moving truck that I did not know before is that they make you rent it for a minimum amount of days depending on how far you’re going. It’s apparently a safety issue..they don’t want crazy people to drive across the country in a day, not sleeping, and wreck just to save money on the rental. So, we had our truck for a minimum of 6 days. On Sunday, we went and picked her up..we would later name her Lillian (everything in our possession has to be named, after all), and my parents and brother came up to help get everything packed in the truck (huge thank you goes out to them..made the day so much easier!).

Lillian, the Penske truck
Lillian, the Penske truck


Something else to consider if you’re moving, we found that many people recommended U-Haul for smaller moves, like in state or one over, but for longer trips, Penske. This is due to Penske’s trucks being newer and more reliable. Something to think about depending on how far you’re traveling.

After getting all packed up, my parents took us out to eat (another huge thank you!), and in typical fashion, wanted us to pick. Cade had come up with one of those full circle ideas, go to the first restaurant we had ever eaten in when moving to Lafayette for our last meal. I know, a tearjerker, right? So, we had a lovely meal one last time at Christo’s. We even went to the same location of our first meal (there are two in Lafayette). Then, as the story goes with things like this, we had to say our last goodbyes to my parents. Surprisingly, I didn’t crumble as I watched them leave. My brother also took my car with him…that was another item we decided to sell, and another one that had been my first and only, I had had that car since I was 16! This didn’t move me to tears either. Again, I think there was way too much going on for the emotional side of my brain to kick in.

The fun part about all of this was that, like not having a couch to sit on, we didn’t have a bed to sleep on that night…it was tucked away in Lillian, ready for the big trip in the morning. After having our inspection that morning, we closed the truck up, got some snacks at a close by gas station and hit the road! I remember feeling sad about leaving the city we had called home for 4 years and the state that had been home for our entire lives, but the excitement of beginning what I viewed as a road trip and a new life continued to outweigh the sadness. I’m very thankful for this…I can talk about this more later in the post, but I’ve never had a moment of complete collapse from this huge move, and it continues to baffle me, but I suppose things like living abroad for two months and just being excited seemed to work for me.

Getting ready to begin the trip!
Getting ready to begin the trip!
The boys being Cade's copilot.
The boys being Cade’s copilot.

20140729_155616 20140730_171859

Taking it all in.
Taking it all in.
















Along the way, we decided to spend two nights on the road to prevent exhaustion and to allow us to get into Boston early in the day, so we can move all our items into the apartment then return the truck in the same day. Instead of getting hotel rooms along the way, wherever we stopped, we decided to book rooms before leaving. Having done both, I would highly recommend booking them before, as this is one less stressor during the process and forces you to stop instead of trying to push yourself. We chose Erie, Pennsylvania and Framingham, Massachusetts. Framingham was only about 20 miles outside the city, but like I said, we wanted to get in early to get as much done as possible, instead of arriving late and tired. I think Cade was pretty happy with us making this decision, because we caught the end of the morning rush into the city, and as short of a trip as it was, it was the most stressful part of the whole trip.20140731_093352 20140731_093652

This depicts it pretty well..small, crowded roads in a huge truck.
This depicts it pretty well..small, crowded roads in a huge truck.









After arriving at our new home, the process of moving our entire lives up to the fourth floor of the building came (yes, I said 4th floor, and no elevator). We did pretty well in the beginning, but by about two thirds of the way through, I thought my body was going to give up. Luckily, we had a couple of neighbors that felt back for this tiny woman trying to move furniture up so many stairs, and helped Cade move it. Yay being tiny and a woman! 🙂 Here’s what we were up against:20140811_200201

I think the mattress was the most fun part..and the last thing to come up. You get such a rush from lifting something as important as your bed over the railing and hoping that it doesn’t fall through to the bottom (can you sense my sarcasm through the computer?). After the process was all over, which took us around 3-4 hours..I think..I was delirious, so it could have been all day in my head, we were left with this:20140801_114439 20140801_114458

And, this was just one room. There were some things in the bedroom and kitchen.

Now, you might ask yourself, why didn’t they just hire movers and save themselves from all this work? Excellent question! I did look into getting movers before all this, because I was concerned about our ability to do this alone. But, they wanted $500 because of the stairs, even with the Penske discount we had, and I thought, “Yeah, you’re crazy! I’ll do it myself.” So, now you might ask, “Was it worth saving that money?” While I was beyond proud of us for doing this, there is no way in hell I would do it again! First, I’m insanely happy about not having all that furniture that we sold (remember me being sad about getting rid of the dining table and couch?..yeah, no remorse anymore), and second, $500 would have been worth it. We’ve already talked about getting movers when we move out, because neither of us want to go through that torture again. So, if you are moving up several stories with no elevator, or have lots of furniture, or no help..get movers and save yourself the massive struggle! It’s painful to pay that much, but you’ll hate yourself when you can’t move the next day. However, Cade and I will forever hold this memory and tell our grandchildren about the epic struggles of moving across country as a young couple…ah, the wisdom we’ll pass on to our future generations.

After all this, we still had to return the truck before they closed. Like I said, we had the truck for 6 days and were only on day 4, but we didn’t pay for more than one day of street parking and who knows how much a parking ticket on a 12 foot truck would cost. So, again we set out, during the evening rush hour now, to drop the truck off, which we were successful in doing, and I think Cade was happy to not be driving a large truck anymore (even though he was a little sad about leaving Lillian…naming things comes with attachment). Then, we set out to figure out the public transit system…remember, we sold our car. It took about an hour, but we made it and could completely crash in our new home..after we got the bed set up anyways. 🙂

There are plenty more moving strategies and tasks that I could have gone into, but that would have made for hours of reading. If you have any questions or thoughts for me about moving across country, please comment below!

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  1. I am glad that you guys have thus experience to look back on. Days will come when $500 for moving help doesn’t sound so bad. (Especially with 4 flights of stairs). You two will always have the memory of climbing inside Lillian with the boys, and heading out of your comfort zone to face the future.

    I am proud of you both. I am also glad I was not there to have to help move up four flights of stairs!

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