In the Mood for Some Howling

The next stop on our Lafayette bucket list was Wolf Park. This was another place that we had heard of long before going and had always had it in the back of our minds as something that we’d like to do. So, we set out one Friday night to head over and spend some time with the local wolves for a Howl Night.

The way they had it set up was bleacher style seating looking out into a gated area where the wolves lived. Every Howl Night they would have a couple around the front so the guests could watch them, gain some knowledge about wolves, and spend some time howling with them. One of the workers stood on our side of the fence talking about wolves in general and about the two that were up close for the evening, Renki and Ayla. Then, after a big of talking, she and a few others went into the cage and interacted with the wolves and talked more about how they spend many hours with them from the time their born to habituate them to contact with humans. This was quite entertaining, especially watching the photographer that had been with the agency for a couple decades. They seemed to thoroughly enjoy his company and rubbed up against him as if they were dogs. 20140711_194028 20140711_200530 20140711_200659




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Then, came the howling. They taught us howl to howl and then let us at it to see how the wolves received our howls and hopefully respond back to us. After a handful of moments after we finished our howl, sure enough they began to howl back! It was quite hilarious too to hear the large group back in the trees along with the coyotes go insane after hearing our howls. Very good evening learning about wolves and getting to have some sort of interaction with them.

After the presentation was all done, we walked around for awhile, looking at the foxes they had in another part of the property and wandered around the gift shop to find a magnet with both Renki and Ayla’s picture on it.

Note: We have started a magnet collection of different places we’ve been to. Maybe I’ll have to post of picture sometime of all the ones we’ve collected so far. We might fill up a fridge if we’re not careful about it.

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