Landing in Berlin


Luckily, both of my flights went well coming to Germany. I had a three hour layover in Copenhagen, but at least my bags were not lost! So, that morning Maria took two trips to the airport since there were five of us. The first group was Rebecca, John, and Lauren. I’m amazed that she fit all their bags in her little car. But, she later took Elizabeth and me. Unfortunately, my flight was last, taking off at 1pm. Elizabeth’s took off around 11:30am, so we made it to the airport around 8:30am…way before my flight. It was a little nice being the last one, because Maria stayed behind with me until about 9:30am while we had a coffee and talked. When she finally left, it was of course super sad, and I had to cry a little, but I kept in mind that I was going to be with Cade again in just a few hours.

When I made it to Berlin that night, Cade was waiting for me at the airport just outside the baggage claim. It was so great seeing him again after the longest period of being apart. It was crazy…he had lost weight while I had gained; we were slightly different people. lol. But, we came back to the hostel, told lots of stories, drank the hard cider I had brought, and ate treats that we brought for each other. Overall, a great way to reunite and relax with each other.


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  1. Together Again, My Tears have stopped falling [ listen to the melody] May your remaining time abroad be filled with many memories

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