Lovely Jog Along the River

Shortly after we moved to Boston, I found information about the Esplanade. This path runs along the  Charles River and they host lots of events there, from concerts to yoga sessions (I will one day do these yoga sessions!…I missed the summer session and have to wait until they start them back up). So, becoming intrigued by this, I decided it needed to go on our “Before School” list. With keeping fitness in mind, we decided to jog the 3 mile stretch, although I did convince Cade to start a little farther down the path, making it about 2.5 miles. 🙂 We also decided to take a break about halfway through to check out a Trader Joe’s in the Back Bay area. There aren’t any close to us, and we’ve heard such great things about them, so we decided to take advantage of the proximity. Very lovely day with a nice snack in the middle, and I was super proud of myself for being able to jog (almost) all of it. Here are some pics of the gorgeous view:

Longfellow Bridge
Longfellow Bridge

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