MIT & Kayaking

For our next adventure out, we wanted to check out MIT, because why’s a famous school and we live a train ride away, and kayak on the Charles River. It was another great day in August, perfect for being out and about. We took a quick stroll through the main part of MIT’s campus, seeing the famous Great Dome, and some other interesting buildings. You could absolutely tell that this was a school centered around technology.20140815_140152 20140815_140332 20140815_140940
















Great Dome
Great Dome








After doing our self-guided tour of MIT, we headed down to the river to get a kayak. Luckily, with all the universities and companies, there are plenty of places to get a kayak or boat to take on the river, so no need to own one here…unless you have room and do it often, then I guess I could see the value. Anyways we neither have the room nor go super often to get one of our own. The last time we went out on water, I was in the front and Cade didn’t seem to like my leadership, so he decided to take charge this time. I was okay with this, because I got to sit back a couple times without him noticing. 🙂

20140815_143614 CIMG3261 CIMG3262 CIMG3268 CIMG3274


































With all that walking around and kayaking, we had worked up quite an appetite, and I knew just the place for us to go…The Friendly Toast! This was one that I had head about and found online, and the name alone was reason enough to go. It definitely lived up to its name, as well. The food was very good and the atmosphere was friendly, but in that eclectic, crazy sort of way. See for yourself..20140815_16561920140815_161652 20140815_161657 20140815_163442











See, a little crazy but fun at the same time. It was amusing, and you just had to look around at all the decorations and laugh.






Oh, and we saw the Oscar Mayer Wiener Truck on our way home. Perfect way to end the day! 20140815_170659

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