Newborn Lambs Over a Bite to Eat

Last week, I shared several places in the Mývatn area that the hubby and I explored. Today, I want to continue that but talk about food. You know, while you’re out exploring and hiking you can really work up an appetite. I know we sure did! So, you gotta know the best spots to refuel.

The Vogafjós Cowshed Café is not to be missed. Not only does it have an awesome name, it really holds up to what it means. It is indeed a restaurant mixed with a cowshed. When you arrive, you turn off the main road (Route 848) and immediately see the giant barn that houses many of the cows and sheep for the farm. Then, behind it you find the restaurant. Now, if you time it right like we did, you’ll be able to see the newborn lambs. The sheep give birth every year in early May, so if you’re traveling along the Ring Road during this time, you’ll be in luck.

With it being a mixed farm/café, you’ll be able to watch the sheep and possibly newborn lambs grazing just out the window while you eat. Inside, they also have an area with glass that allows you to see some of their dairy cows. So, you’ll be surrounded by nature while you have a nice lunch. The morbid thing is that you’ll be eating some of those animals’ friends, but maybe just don’t think about that too much or order one of their vegetarian options.

For the hubby and I, we went with the burger and the ham sandwich, both paired with housemade mozzarella. They had so many amazing sounding options that I don’t think you could go wrong. They also have some decadent sounding desserts, all made in house. We passed on dessert due to our upcoming Hverfjall hike right after lunch and instead opted for some iced coffee. I really recommend that you give the iced coffee a try, if you’re a coffee drinker. They add a splash of maple syrup to it for a subtle sweetness. Absolutely worth the $8 we paid for it.

Overall, I just really can’t recommend this place enough. We wanted to give a local place a try and was sold when we saw they had so many farm animals on the property. The food was amazing, and it’s a beautiful place to snap a few pictures.

In order to get to Vogafjós from Route 1, as you are coming from the west by the Mývatn lake, take a right down 848. Once you’ve turned, it’s just about 5 minutes down the road. You’ll also pass Stóragjá on the way, so make sure you pull off for a quick peek down a rift.

The newborn lambs!

This is the fourth post in the Ring Road series.

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