Over the Hills and Through the Woods, Back to Indiana We Go

I know this is a little late, but I’m still attempting to catch up on here with everything that’s been going on. For the holidays, Cade and I went back to Indiana to spend Christmas and New Years with the family. But, before we headed back home, we had to have our own family Christmas here in Boston, as we usually do. We set up the tree, opened a couple presents, then headed out for a Christmas lunch. Being the complete weirdos that we are, we had to take pictures with our “childrens” and have them open a couple presents. (As many of you know, we might be slightly psychotic, but we find joy from it, so maybe it’s a healthy psychotic.)20141222_09404620141222_095848




Somebody liked his present.
Somebody liked his present.







After our little family Christmas, we packed up and flew out to Indiana. After having flown so much in the past few years, I think all of us have grown to really enjoy it and the adventure that flying tends to bring. Again, we had to bring our “childrens,” who also love flying. I also enjoy watching everyone’s reactions when they see that we’re traveling with a dinosaur and bear.20141223_085132 20141223_112412


After one layover and a few hours, we made it to Indiana, where my poppa was waiting to drive us the last leg.



The holidays were pretty much business as usual. The parents spoiled us way too much and we ate our weight in delicious food. But, there were a couple extras that we got to do because we spent more time than normal at home. First, going along with the spoilings, Cade’s mom (Meem) took us to the West Baden hotel in French Lick and got us some spa treatments. In all the years I lived in Indiana, I had never been to French Lick, so this was a nice surprise. The hotel was gorgeous…far better than any hotel I had stayed at before, and Cade and I even got our own hotel room, which I’m pretty sure was almost the same size as our apartment. The spa treatments were super nice as well. I’m always on board for a massage, and I got my first facial, which I fully enjoyed and might have to splurge on myself now and again.20141228_132253 20141228_132418 20141228_13432820141228_161525

Little trolley to take us to the French Lick Resort.
Little trolley to take us to the French Lick Resort.






















Cade and I even got to do our first ever casino gambling. In order to keep our wits about us, we decided that we would spend no more than $10 and just play some slot machines to see what it’s all about. It took us a few minutes just to figure out how to even work the machines and how the ticket system worked, then started playing around. We decided to play a few different machines, just to spread the happiness around, then after a few machines, Cade hit a little bit of a jackpot. At that point, we had spent $7, and his credit said $8.63. We realized that we had just made money! So, being the big spenders that we are, we immediately cashed out and got some food from the snack bar to celebrate our big winnings.20141229_124058 20141229_125256











During our time home, I also got to see some friends! Alyssa and I roadtripped it up to Lafayette to reunited with the Wabash Valley gang, which of course included some good laughs and deep, philosophical conversation.

Then, I made it up to Bloomington to see a friend who had recently moved there, where we got food from one of my long-lost favorite places, The Laughing Planet, and caught up on how our lives had been going.

I also got to spend some quality shopping time with my momma, which it seems we always have to do for those after-Christmas sales.

Then, before we knew it, it was time to head back to Boston. It’s always nice to head back to your own bed and get back into your routine, but it can be hard, especially when you live so far away and you’re not sure when you’ll get to see your family again. But, one thing that I’ve learned from moving so far from home is the typical you don’t appreciate something until it’s gone. Even though Cade and I had moved away from our hometown many years ago, actually moving out of the state has allowed us to really appreciate the fact that we got to grow up in Indiana. Do either of us want to ever move back? No, we really don’t..sorry to crush your dreams, Mom and Dad. But, we can finally appreciate that we were able to grow up in a small town, where everyone watched out for us, a state that taught us to be proud of where we came from and not forget how far we’ve come. It’s interesting how those things work, but I have this new sense of pride in telling people that I grew up in Indiana, that I came from a small town and have all the amazing values that come along with that. But, I’ll finish up with some pictures of our flight back home. We got to see Manhattan on one of the flights.20150101_164921 20150101_193846

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  1. Yay, I see Hello Kitty in the picture!

    Seeing you guys was wonderful. It is hard to not have you around where you can be seen within a few hours drive. But you are always close in heart, even my grandchillruns.

    I am glad we got to go to West Baden and make some memories. Including your high rollin’ gambiling, of course!

    I really like that night picture of New York. It makes me want to live there so bad. I have been having weird desires to move to NYC lately. I don’t know why, as I couldn’t stand the winters. But it sure seems like it would be fun.

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