Excursión a Toledo

Hola Todos,

This past Saturday was our excursion to Toledo, Spain, which is only about an hour south of Madrid. The town of course was very pretty, as seems to be the trend in Spain. However, it was extremely hot, and the roads were either made out of cobblestone or these oval, smooth stones. This made for an interesting terrain for our trip.

But, we got to see more iglesias, one of which was absolutely gorgeous….the Spaniards seem to go over the top on everything they build, the bigger and more gorgeous, the better. We also learned about some of the royal family. Also, the people of Toledo must be very smart people, as they covered a lot of the streets in tarps that hang from the tops of the buildings to provide shade as you walk…makes the heat much more bearable.

Also, during the free time for lunch, I got a cookie that is called a Toledana. It was very good; kind of crumbly with a fruit filling. May have to figure out how to make them once back in Indiana. 🙂

Lastly, we walked over a bridge on our way out to the buses…absolutely gorgeous and probably my favorite part of the trip.







Hasta Luego!