First Week in Madrid

Hola Todos!

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been in Madrid for seven days now. So much has happened already; I’m super excited about what is to come and a little tired already. But, I’ll take you through some of the events that have happened so far…

When I arrived Sunday morning, I was picked up by Jose, my host father, and was taken to their home where I met Ana, the host mother. I then, quickly met my two roommates, Elizabeth and Lauren. They have turned out to be the best roommates I could have asked for, even though I have been annoyed a couple times already…happens when you live in such close quarters. But anyways, new family…Ana also had her mother living with her, and we just called her abuela. Ana also had a son, Pedro, and a daughter, Veronica. They would come over for lunch quite often, so we got to spend some time with them. There also was an Indian woman, who was going to stay at the house until Saturday…kinda weird, but she apparently was doing research here. Jose was staying in another apartment in the same complex with two boys, Stephen and Santiago. The five of us all quickly became roomies.

This same day, Sunday, us three girls went out to Parque de Retiro to relax and bond. We had a great time and learned the Metro system, which is surprisingly easy for such a big city. At the park, we saw tons of crazy things, such as a man that was dressed up as the Mad Hatter, who Lauren had “tea” with. We also saw Elmo and an amazing pond.

On Monday, we had orientation for our classes at the Universidad Antonio de Nebrija. At our break, I quickly learned that bromas de patatas is nothing special. I thought it would be some kind of awesome potato dish (patata=potato), but was handed a bag of potato chips. The university also served us an amazing lunch of paella and sangria, which I have quickly come to love. Also that night, a group of us students decided to meet at Príncipe Pío to chill and get some drinks. During our nice dinner, a man that was obviously on some form of drugs came up to the boys and started talking to them. At first, I thought nothing of it; however, it quickly turned strange and a little bad. The man accused the boys of stealing his nose and reached into the pocket of one of the boys, Jack. At this point, a very nice man who was eating at the same restaurant came over to help and called the police for us. The police came, searched his things, and asked him to leave. Incredibly crazy for the first night but very glad that man was willing to help…the boys bought him a beer to say thanks

Tuesday, class began. I am taking two while here in Madrid, Spanish Culture and Civilization and Art of the Prado. They set up classes to have two teachers each which switch after an hour of teaching. I assume this is to make the classes fair since we are split into two groups for each class. There is Juan and Teresa for Culture and Civilization and both teachers for Art of the Prado are named Marisa. All have been very fun and very helpful in us understanding Spanish. So far, my favorites are Juan and the first Marisa.

The rest of the week has definitely been fun, and I am attempting to get into a routine. To come…moving host families and the trip to Valencia! Hasta luego!