IndyCar 2016

Shortly after my graduation, Cade and I were off to Indiana to spend Memorial Day weekend with the family. A big motivating factor for traveling was the Indy 500 that was racing that weekend. Most people, especially those from Indiana, know that IndyCar is a huge tradition. If people know nothing more about Indiana, most know about the Indy 500. But, even with both of us growing up in Indiana, neither of us had actually attended a race. So, when Cade’s momma offered to take us and his brother this year, we jumped on the chance.

It was an incredibly hot weekend, although beautiful and sunshiny. With there being no cover from the sun and the stands being super packed, we all were quite sweaty by the end, but finally experiencing a race first hand was pretty incredible. One of the things I enjoy most about attending sporting events in person is being apart of the crowd, feeding off the energy. And, hearing the rumble of the cars as they passed by was much so that you could feel it in your body each time they passed by. That alone was enough to convert me into a racing fan.

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Please forgive my video issues. The control bar is quite a bit lower than the actual video for some reason.