Phrenology Tattoo

Third tattoo time! From the moment I got my second tattoo I knew that I was going to get another to finish up a half sleeve on my upper left arm. I spend (almost) a year thinking about it and kept coming back to the ode to psychology tattoo that I had wanted to do for years. I made a promise to myself to finish up schooling to be sure that psychology was going to actually be my career before getting it. So, with finishing up my masters (post to come!), I knew that it was finally time to make this ode a reality. One idea that I really clicked with was phrenology. For those who don’t know, phrenology  is a now debunked science where early neuroscientists attempted to map the brain. They designated areas in the brain as being responsible for certain tasks. We now know that the mapping that they came up with doesn’t make sense, but this attempt was the early beginning of neuroscience. The images of these brain mappings also made for a pretty interesting design, which is an added bonus. For the labels, I decided to make up my own and have a mix of both “positive” and “negative” attributes. My thinking in doing this is to show that each individual is made up of several parts (shout out to IFS thinking!), each capable of both good and bad. As I’ve come into the therapist that I am today, I truly believe that each of us is capable of both amazing things and horrible, despicable things. It’s a mixture of our biology, environment, and mindset that determine how those parts get acted on. Anyways, without further adieu, here are pictures of my newest addition!

20160507_133800 20160507_133828























As you can (hopefully) see, here is a list of the words I chose:


Lastly, I decided to return to the artist that did my second tattoo, Gonzalo Chavez at Pino Bros Ink, here in Cambridge. He did such an amazing job on my flowers and is an incredible human being, so I couldn’t even think of going to someone else.

I’m sure there will be more tattooes to come, but I am going to try to take a break for a bit. Mom, I still have the spot on my foot reserved for you!

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  1. I do really like this, and love the thought that went into it. When you had initially told me about it, I wasn’t sure on the entire “skull” concept. But it turned out very nicely, and does not make you look like a biker chick. 😀

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