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If you know the hubby and I well, you’ll know that we have adopted a total of six plants throughout the years and have named each one of them – Little Friend, Quixote, Poncho, Nacho (these three also known as The Three Amigos), Bonsai Buddy (I and II), and Rosita. They have actually become a huge part of our lives, Little Friend being with us from the very beginning, and each have their own developed personality. So, when we moved to Iceland and couldn’t bring them along, it was actually pretty hard. We put them into the care of my parents (love them for taking care of our plant babies!) and set off for our new home.

Once we got settled in Iceland, the absence of life in the apartment was really starting to bum me out. I had grown so used to having so many plants, and the weather in Iceland is depressing enough, let alone not having any green in your immediate surroundings. So, when I happened to find that someone on Facebook was selling her plants because she was leaving Iceland, I had to jump on it.

She actually turned out to live super close to us, so getting them home was really easy. I showed up, and she had three little aloe vera plants waiting for me.  What was even better, you could tell she was just as obsessed with her plants as we are, referring to them as ‘she’ and walking me through how to care for them and even use the aloe vera if I wanted. It was the perfect adoption!

Once I got them home, I gave them a few weeks to get settled in their new surroundings, then took to repotting them since she had a couple still in their plastic containers. Soon enough, they became a part of our Icelandic homestead, and we of course had to give them names. So, without further ado, please meet Þórunn (pronounced Thorunn), Logi (pronounced Low-yeh), and Gunter.

This post is from November 13, 2017.

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