Restaurant Week

This year, Cade and I found out that the Greater Boston area hosts a Restaurant Week where local restaurants offer two or three course meals at a special rate for a couple weeks. It’s a nice way for people, like us, who can’t normally afford some of these restaurants to try them and for the restaurants to gain some extra business. So, taking advantage of the special, we chose to try out Toscano, a pretty popular Italian restaurant in Harvard Square. We met up for lunch and had a fantastic meal together. The food was delicious, and our waiter was incredibly pleasant. While we probably won’t be returning soon, it’s simply due to the price and not the food or service. Here are some pictures of our fancy Italian meal.

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If you’re wondering about that second picture with the melon and meat combo, I’ll say that I also was very curious about mixing the two. The meat was prosciutto, which is one of my absolute favorites, and the mixture was amazing. If you haven’t tried mixing melon with some meat, I would highly recommend it. To finish out our meal, we had to get some tiramisu, and this version was delicious. Instead of the traditional cake-like version, this one was a mixture of cake and mousse. Very rich but incredibly good.

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