San Antonio de la Florida

Hola Todos,

Wednesday was another one of our tours in Madrid. This time we went to San Antonio de la Florida, which is a small church that was dedicated to….San Antonio, of course. June 13th, which was the day we went, was apparently the busiest day of the year, because it’s actually San Antonio day. So, everyone comes to the church to pray.

There were some traditional/superstitious things that were around the church too. The first, a pit of needles that you were supposed to put your hand in. Basically, you push your hand down on a bunch of needles, and when you pull it out you count how many needles you have stuck to your hand; that number is the number of loves you will have. It was pretty cool, because I pulled one out, which was for Cade, of course. 🙂

Another was this place that you give some change to, and they give you two loaves of bread. You go ahead and eat one and save the other in your fridge with a euro in it for one year. After that year, you are supposed to have money and a job. Not sure if having a loaf of bread in your fridge for a year is a good idea, but that’s the tradition.

We also got to see that tomb of Goya, which was pretty cool. Unfortunately, this was another place where you were not allowed to take photos, but the artwork on the walls and ceiling were really pretty, and getting to see the tomb was just a cool experience in general.

At the end of the tour, one of our professors, Teresa, took us to a restaurant/bar called Casa Mingo where we all got hard cider…pretty cool to drink with a professor. She bumped herself up pretty good, especially after assigning the tapas homework….I found the assignment fun, but I did not enjoy having to pay for the ingredients or lugging it to class.







Hasta Luego!

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