Beaches, Lighthouses & Gingerbread Cottages

Well, hello again everyone. At long last, I am back from that long hiatus, and while I have some exciting things happening, it’s that time again to play catch up on some things that I haven’t shared. First up is the trip to Cape Cod I took with the family before graduation. My parents and brother decided to come out about a week prior to my graduation in order to spend some time with us, and since the Cape was on my and Cade’s Boston Bucket List, we all decided to head down there for a few days. On a previous trip, my parents made it to Plymouth and really liked it, so we decided to make a stop there too on the way down.

Plymouth was a cute little town with some shops, great views, and museums. Unfortunately, the museum that Cade really wanted to see was closed, but we spent some time looking at other historical markers, including the Plymouth Rock, and checked out a couple shops. 













By the way, if you’re thinking that the Plymouth Rock is something magnificent to see, it’s nothing to drive very far for. While the meaning that the rock symbolizes is cool, there’s no way of telling which rock is the rock, and it’s kind of a small thing. So, if you’re in the area, sure go see it, but don’t go way out of the way. Just know that somewhere in Plymouth is where the Mayflower landed from its long journey, and you’ll be good.

Anyways, next up was a place that Cade and I had been super excited about since moving out here..Sandwich. And no, I’m not talking about the food..there is a town on the Cape called Sandwich. Of course, when we heard about this, we knew that we would have to get down there and have a sandwich (the food this time) in Sandwich, Mass. Luckily, we were able to do just that!

For our lunch stop, we found a cute little cafe called Beth’s Bakery & Cafe that had really great food and was a local spot.








One of the things that my momma wanted to do in the Cape was go to a lighthouse. I, and I believe Cade, also wanted to see a lighthouse since that’s kind of a New England/coastal thing, so it worked out just fine. The issue was that we all wanted to visit one that you could actually go up into, but we were still really early in the season for lighthouse openings. Luckily, I was able to find one in North Truro called the Highland Light that had already opened. So, we set off for the arm of the Cape and got some amazing views of the ocean from the top of the little lighthouse.


















It was so gorgeous seeing the ocean from that height and having 360 degree views.

For the evening, we headed up to Provincetown, a must if you’re on the Cape! We checked out one of the beaches, where my brother and Cade attempted to teach me how to skip rocks, to which I continually failed. However, it’s always nice to dig your feet into the sand and feel the cool ocean water.




















To wrap up our first evening on the Cape, we checked out the dock and headed back to the hotel to rest for the next day.

img_1304 img_1308 img_1310






















For our second day on the Cape, we took a ferry over to Martha’s Vineyard and explored the island for the day. Our first stop was heading down to Aquinnah where I had found us a good lookout point that only required a short hike, and we went to see the Gay Head Cliffs.
















As we made our way around the island, we saw gorgeous views of the ocean and adorable island homes. Our next official stop was Edgartown where we went to another beach and a small museum. The stretch of beach that we found had no one on it, so it was a nice quiet stop. And, the museum had this giant light from an old lighthouse.

img_1456 img_1453 20160519_135250



















Our last stop on the island was in Oaks Bluff to see their Gingerbread Cottages Village. This was an entire neighborhood filled with tiny houses that looked just like gingerbread homes. The village has historical value and has had important people, such as presidents, stay in them. You can actually rent them, if you want the full gingerbread experience. Definitely a must see if you’re on the island.

img_1487 20160519_152314






















After some dinner, we caught our ferry back over to mainland and prepared for our return to the city the next morning.

Seeing Cape Cod, including Martha’s Vineyard was such a beautiful experience, and I’m glad that Cade and I got to spend time down there and include my parents in the adventures. So much to see if you can make it down there.

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