Happy Day in Beer Land

One of the coolest/most stereotypical thing about living in Boston is being close to the Samuel Adams brewery, and with as much as Cade and I love beer, we had to do it. First off, the tour, which gets you 1) a tour (obviously) and 2) beer tasting is free. Yes, you read that right…it’s free. They only ask for you to donate whatever you can, and they give it to local organizations. Very cool in my book, so win #1. Now, on to the tour…
The brewery, which is the original (they have other locations now out of state), is located in Jamaica Plain and looks pretty cool from the outside.20140820_13224220140820_132200








Then, once you go in, there’s an area that talks about the history and ingredients. They also allow you to send a post card, again for free…win #2.20140820_133238



I had no idea that they made this many different kinds of beer..and I couldn’t get all of them in the picture!

After a few minutes, our tour started. Our guide was amazingly enthusiastic, and I mean who wouldn’t be…he gets to work at a brewery, talk about beer, and drink beer for his job. Pretty sweet set up. He talked about the ingredients, which we got to try, the brewing process, and how most of the beer is actually produced in other locations; this location mainly does experimental brews, which I’ll get back to. Honestly, after about 30 minutes of listening to him and knowing that beer was coming, I think the entire group got tired and just wanted beer!

20140820_133842 20140820_134257 20140820_135118 20140820_135206










I loved the barrels, such a cool look and feel!




So, as promised, we moved on to the tasting room. Yes, there was an actual room with a bar, tables, and seat…win #3. They also gave you a tasting glass, for, you guessed it, free…win #4. We then got to taste three different types of beer while our tour guide talked about the proper way to taste beer (smell, taste depending on what part of your tongue you use, etc.). Honestly, at this point I don’t remember what they were, all I remember is one was a summer ale (makes sense since it was August) and an IPA, and they were all pretty good.20140820_140555 20140820_141133








After the tour finished up, we decided to head over to Doyle’s, which is the restaurant that first served Samuel Adams beer, and we had read online that if you go after a tour they’ll give you glasses for free. They also have a trolley that takes you from the brewery to their restaurant, convenient right? However, we found out that we had picked one of the days that they do not do this (it only runs on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays). Oh, but don’t be fooled for a second that this would keep me and Cade from Irish food and beer. 20140820_15101520140820_155946








So, great tour, great beer, and great food equals a great day! Oh, and that experimental beer I was talking about. Like I said, they primarily use the Boston location to test out beers and they sell growlers of these beers. Since they’re experimental, they only sell them at the brewery, and what did Cade get after the tour…you guessed.





An oatmeal stout, so quite strong, but very good. Maybe we’ll see it in the store in the future.. 🙂