The Relaunch – Lessons Learned and Moving Forward

Hello Everyone,

So, it’s been…awhile since I posted anything on here, about a year to be exact . The blog and I have had a rocky relationship for some time, and I just kind of abandoned it. Let me explain a bit of what’s happened since then.

Cade and I finished up our last year in Cambridge/Boston. It was a busy year of Cade finishing his third year in law school and graduating, me working full-time while having a part-time job on the side; I also completed yoga teacher training and began teaching classes. Then, we did this crazy thing and moved ourselves to Iceland and are now both doing more school. So, in short, things have been incredibly busy. This isn’t the whole reason why I left the blog, but it didn’t help matters.

During that time, I also started another blog, so you can say that I didn’t totally give up on blogging, just on this one. The new one was more of a professional outlet in celebration of starting this new life of being both a social worker and yoga instructor. It covers both topics, mental health and yoga, and has a totally different purpose from this one – professional versus life/diary. If you’re interested in that one, feel free to check it out here.

But, back to this blog. Looking back, I think a large part of what happened between me and this platform was that I ended up putting too much pressure on it to succeed. This space started as one where I could just share my life, as it is, for me and whoever wants to follow..mainly the family. Over time, though, I turned it into a job. I had ambitions to become a blogger who could actually bring in income through writing, which it’s a bad’s just not the purpose of this one.

Because of the pressure I placed on the blog, and consequently myself, I ended up just being stressed and writing became a chore instead of fun. I was passionate about blogging about travel but felt like I didn’t travel enough to generate content. Then, I wanted to include things like cooking, mental health, yoga, etc., and before I knew it, this blog became this massive thing that had no clear direction and felt overwhelming and frustrating. So, I just quit. I gave up on it and stopped writing. Once I started the other blog about yoga and mental health, I felt more able to organize my writing and had an outlet for one of my passions.

So, moving forward, this blog is just going to be for fun again. I’m going to use this space to write about whatever I feel like, no pressure, no expectations of what it will become or need to generate for me. With one of my passions on another site, this will become a diary again of my every day life, thoughts, adventures. At times, things might be messy, disorganized, inconsistent, but hey, that’s exactly how life is. If you want to follow along, please do. I love hearing from everyone and sharing. If not, no pressure to continue to read what I write.

New Years seemed like a perfect time for a relaunch with a clean slate. To get going again, I’ve changed the theme of the blog to be cleaner and more simple and also gave the About Page an update. I’ll have a few posts coming out over the next few weeks about some of the things that have been going on in Iceland. Even though we’ve lost a year, we’ll just call that a wash and move forward. After that, we’ll just see where life and writing takes us..

So, welcome to the relaunched, rebooted version of this blog. Let’s get started.