Wrapping Up the Seattle Trip

Okay, this will be my last post about the Seattle trip. I’d like to wrap things up by talking about some impressions that I gathered along with discussing some of the food that we enjoyed.

As I talked about in a previous post, the city was very walkable and seemed to have a lot of green aspects. We were able to get around without a car, using the public transportation system and our feet just fine. They also had a ton of electric buses, recycle and compost bins everywhere, and far more green spaces than I expected for a big city.

The town seems to also be a very happy hour happy city. We didn’t quite understand this when we first started looking into restaurants, as they would be on drink and food and be like 8-10pm, all afternoon, or sometimes all day. But, some restaurants literally would have half off of their menu all day one day a week. Kinda cool to take advantage of, especially if you’re poor people who want to enjoy some wining and dining occasionally.

Seattle is also a super hilly city. Now, we did not expect this at all, but it makes sense when you think of it. They are right on the sound and the land goes up from it, making for some humongous hills. So much so that I felt like I had to be careful on a couple not to lose my footing and tumble right on down it.

Another thing that I seemed to not think of is that people will just be smoking pot randomly..out in public..because it’s legal. I knew this but just didn’t expect to randomly, and frequently, come across a cloud of pot smoke while walking around the city. I’m all for legalizing marijuana (I won’t go into that whole big political rant), but experiencing this made me think about how loose the laws need to actually be on where you can smoke it. Just thought provoking..

Another huge surprise was that homeless people were everywhere! They mainly were just in the downtown area, not out in the more rural areas, but literally everywhere. We talked a lot throughout the week about how strange this seemed, then Lucinda (remember her, our Mount Rainier guide) talked about how it was much easier for homeless people to survive in temperate climates because it doesn’t get cold enough in the winter to, you know, kill them if they sleep outside. When she put these pieces together, it was like a light bulb that clicked on…makes complete since.

Lastly, and this was totally expected, there are coffee shops everywhere you go. And by everywhere, I mean there could very easily be a coffee shop on every block. There are also a million Starbucks. They have many other shops, chain and local, but since Seattle is Starbucks’ headquarters, you could have easily gotten a coffee from one wherever you were.

Okay, now onto food. We made it a point to eat at somewhere different for every meal, along with having coffee every day from different places, but I’ll get to that. Some restaurants that we were especially impressed with included:

Red Door in Fremont: This was a cute kinda typical eatery but it was in a super convenient location, close to the canal and Google area, and had outdoor seating.-  (365)




Biscuit Bitch: As you can imagine, the name was enough to intrigue us. This was a breakfast place very close to our hotel and was very good. We each got different takes on biscuits and gravy, as they had many different variations.

-  (508)


Pictured are our picks: (top) Smokin’ Hot Seattle Bitch and (bottom) Easy Bitch




Amber: This was one of the happy hour crazy ones. It was kind of a chic little restaurant that had small portions, you know one of those, little food for a large price. But, with getting our food half off, it makes the portions more easier to justify. We went at night, and they had this red tint under the bar that added to the chicness and looked pretty cool.

Sweet Iron: While the girl that took our order was a little crappy, the food was really good. Again, a breakfast place but this one specialized in different kinds of waffles. -  (962)


Pictured: (top) Prosciutto Waffle and (bottom) Turkey Breast Waffle


Cupcake Royale: This is just like it sounds, an amazing little bakery that has tons of cupcakes and some ice cream. We were pretty adventurous at this place too. We order the Gay Cupcake in a sundae with Red Velvet ice cream…absolutely amazing!-  (1005)


Loved that it had a little rainbow to top it off!



Pike Place Chowder: This place was highly popular, pretty sure it’s on many tourist guides and such, but it was worth the 20 minute or so wait. They had many different kind of chowders and have won tons of awards for them. It was right next to the Pike Place Market, and you gotta have some seafood while you’re there.

-  (1009)


Pictured: (left) Market Chowder (crab, oyster, and chorizo) and (right) Roasted Salmon Chowder


With the coffee, I won’t go into great detail as it was just that coffee, just with different brews and takes each place. Like I said, there are a myriad of options, so just walking around is a good way to find new places to try. I will say that the one truly unique thing that we tried was a Seattle Fog. This consisted of earl grey tea, vanilla syrup, soy milk, and orange zest. I was fairly hesitant to try it with such an interesting combination, but it was absolutely delicious! Highly recommend trying it, and it’s something that I would assume is unique to Seattle.

Last, and could be argued the best, the beer! Going with the try as many new things as possible, we had to try different beers as many times as we could too. So, here’s a list of beers that we tried, and if my memory serves me, we enjoyed all of them.
Fremont – Summer Ale
Alaskan – White
Pyramid – Hefenweizen
Pyramid – Blonde Ale
Mac & Jack’s – African Amber
Manny – Pale Ale
Black Raven – IPA
Instead of show all the pictures we took of each, I’ll leave you with the one that Cade, very impressingly, took that had all the makings of a true foodie picture.-  (1013)





Thanks for reading, and I’ll move on to new things next time. 🙂