Pleasure Bay & Castle Island

Continuing on in our exploration of our new home, we decided to head out to Pleasure Island and Castle Island. Now that we’re in a harbor city, we figured we might as well take advantage of having access to beaches. This beach is located in South Boston and was about an hour to get to between the subway and bus ride, but definitely worth it. It was a small beach but surprisingly not too busy. It’s also just south of Logan Airport, so you got to watch the planes as they came in, which was extremely frequent. I would say that one came in about an average of every 1-2 minutes, which I guess makes sense considering it’s a major airport, including international flights, and it’s one of the first you’d come to if you’re flying in from the east. My only qualm was that the water was pretty cold, but I guess this can be expected with it being ocean water. I think the best thing about it was that you feel like you’ve completely left the city and have escaped to a small, relaxing beach town.20140810_123155 20140810_123629








After some relaxing beach time, we headed over to this little food hut that we had read about online, and everyone said that you have to eat there if you visit the area, Sullivan’s. And, while I’ll say that it was pretty typical food for a beach hut, the atmosphere of it was worth it. We also got to (finally) try a lobster roll – they are super popular out here but pretty expensive. And, we, of course, got some ice cream when we had finished our lunch.20140810_135928 20140810_143431




With our full bellies, we headed to Castle Island. As the name would lead you to believe, I’m sure you’re picturing a castle on an island. But, neither of these are least not anymore. The “castle” is actual Fort Independence that does look kind of like a castle, and the land that it’s on used to be an island. At some point, they built the land up and connected the island to mainland, making for easier access, and it created a ring or bay..hint the present day name, Paradise Bay. I won’t go into all the history of this fort, as it’s long and I don’t remember much (the history stuff is more Cade’s realm). But, if you’re super curious, just check out the Harborwalk website. It did provide for a gorgeous view if nothing else and allowed us to see many of the other islands that are near the bay. One of the things that I really liked about the fort was that they provide tours for free and they are run by volunteers. Our tour guide had been doing these for many years and knew pretty much everything about it and the history, which was just a nice touch, in my opinion.























After finishing up our tour, we headed the rest of the way around the bay, which was also a gorgeous scene and a lovely walk to end our relaxing day.

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