Exploring the Future

Hello All,

It certainly has been quite a long time since I’ve posted anything, but my hope is that I will begin to make this a habit. Maybe then I’ll stop forgetting so much about our trips and things that I want to post.

But, I’ll start getting back into things by talking about Cade and I’s trip out east to visit schools and decide where we would be spending the next three years of our lives.

We started this journey in New York City. Both of us had been accepted to NYU; Cade was interviewing for a full ride; I also had been accepted to Columbia University and Fordham University. So, we had a rather busy couple of days there. Luckily, our Meem was willing to take this journey with us and experienced the city with me. While that short amount of time flew by, I have to say that I absolutely fell in love with the city, especially Greenwich Village (where NYU is located). Obviously, there are a million things to do in NYC and you could always find somewhere new to go and explore. The city also changed drastically depending on what neighborhood you were in.

photo 1(3) photo 5(2)

After being in NYC from Wednesday to Friday, Meem and I took off for Boston where all of us would be visiting Boston College (where I was accepted into their MSW program) and Harvard (where Cade was accepted to the law school). Being in Cambridge (the town that Harvard is located) was just amazing! There was definitely plenty to do, but it seemed like such a quaint little town at the same time. We spend Friday evening through Tuesday morning here, spending the weekend at Cade’s admitted student weekend, then spending a day on Boston College’s campus. CIMG2674 photo 3(7)


In the end, it was an amazing tough decision, but we decided that Cambridge was going to be the place for us. It’s pretty hard to beat Harvard, and Boston College isn’t too shabby either. At this point, three months later, we are planning on moving there in just over a week. And I’ll tell ya, things are insanely hectic right now trying to plan for this move. But, you’ll have to read more about that in another post. 🙂

With Love,