Take the Ferry out to the Island

For our last night in Seattle, Cade and I decided to take a ferry ride out to Bainbridge Island. Many people that we talked to, including people on the train, suggested this island along with others, and this was one that we could easily get to without a ton of invested time.
Before I get into the ferry ride and island itself, here’s a travel tip that we’ve found to be extremely helpful: If you’re going somewhere new, or maybe even revisiting an old place, give yourself some extra/free time. For a couple of our trips (Berlin, Munich, Seattle) we’ve left ourselves around one day unscheduled to do whatever we chose in the moment, and we have never regretted it! When you go to a new place, you’re way more likely than not going to run into things that you want to do when you actually get there. And, if you’ve completely booked your schedule full, you’ll have to either sacrifice something that was already planned or that thing that you discovered after getting there. And, worse case scenario if you don’t find anything that you want to do to fill up that time, you can just enjoy a low-key day of just walking around the city enjoying some coffee or the scenery.
Anyways, back to this trip. So, we booked our ferry ride and headed out to the island. This was my first time taking a ferry, so just doing that was super exciting for me. And, interesting coincidence that I thought of while we were on the ferry, for our Seattle trip we traveled by car, train, plain, and water (and, technically public transit, but that kind of goes into the car category). I promise we did not plan that at all, but it was pretty cool to think about when it happened and we realized it. But, the ferry ride was definitely fun, amazing views, but it does get a little cold when you’re on the water and going that fast. And, who wants to sit on the covered part where the views are substantially diminished? So, take a jacket with you on a ferry, even if it’s summer.-  (1025)-  (1020)
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Once we made it to the island, we really just wanted some time to walk around and enjoy the views and nice weather. There was a path that lead you from the ferry port along the water and into town, which was lovely to walk along. We had a place to eat in mind and planned to hunt it down, but…when we arrived it was closed. Interestingly enough, using my phone we decided on a little dinner not too far away, Madison Diner, and later found out that it had been featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, so I guess it worked out that our first pick didn’t work out.

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Very strange and awesome, at the same time, to me, they had a chorizo burger. Strange, because I had never seen a chorizo burger on a menu before but found it at a diner on an island, and awesome, because I often miss having chorizo from my Spain days, so I normally get it whenever I can find it. Cade also had some kind of waffle sandwich, if you’re wondering what that ginormous waffle thing is in the picture, and it was delicious too!

After our walk around the island and having some dinner, we headed back to the dock and boarded the ferry home. We, absolutely on purpose this time, timed it so that we would be coming back around dusk, and I’ll tell you that it was a brilliant decision on our part. The water and skyline were gorgeous at dusk!
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Definitely a nice way to wrap up our trip in Seattle, and hopefully this will not be my last time using a ferry to get around!