Un Fin de Semana Libre

Hola Todos,

Last weekend was a free weekend for all of us, free from having an excursion to another city. Many of the students traveled to Portugal, Barcelona, and a couple to Rome. But, I decided to save some money and relax by chilling here in Madrid. It was pretty quite in our house, too, since Elizabeth and Lauren had gone with the group to Portugal – things tend to be pretty quite here without Lauren. lol.

But, Rebecca had a friend that came to visit, and I was honestly pretty excited because she is originally from Germany. Julia was very nice and we had an awesome weekend here with her.

Saturday, there was a gay festival in the city – Orgullo Gay, which I just had to go to. After spending the afternoon shopping and walking around the Puerta del Sol area with Rebecca and Julia, we had dinner, and Julia, John, and I all headed out to the Orgullo Gay Fiesta! We got off the Metro and started walking towards the area where the party was happening and just saw a mass of people…we found out later from Maria that she heard on the news that there were over a million people who attended the party. But, there were two stages where people were singing, playing instruments, and DJing. I also made a friend who needed a dance partner and decided that I needed to have a cigarette. Luis the next morning affectionately named him Osito (little bear), because “he was hairy.” The three of us just had a few drinks, danced, and enjoyed the evening. Then, as we were heading back to the Metro to head home, we noticed that a ton of guys were peeing against a wall, which I guess is more acceptable here than in the US. Then, I happened to look down and realized that I was most likely walking in pee on the sidewalk since it was covered in some kind of liquid….I just attempted to not think about it after the fact.







On Sunday, Rebecca and I took Julia to the Rastro…definitely something you need to see if you visit Madrid. Afterwards, we went to a bar to just sit, talk, and have a beer. Overall, a very fun and relaxing weekend. 🙂

Hasta Luego!