A Couple Midwesterners Go to a Hockey Game

For those who have been or lived in the northeast, you probably know how hockey is a pretty big deal out here. Unlike the Midwest, where basketball is the big thing and you never hear about hockey…what’s that? So, with knowing very little about the sport, Cade and I set out to the Harvard vs. Dartmouth game. With Cade’s hookups we were able to go for free, so who can turn that down!? We figured, why not, let’s try it out..everyone out here seems to think it’s pretty awesome. The game was the Saturday after our big anniversary festivities and was one cold, rainy night, but we set out nonetheless after being cozied up all day in the apartment. We got there a little early, so we were able to check out the rink that had apparently just been renovated. Then, the game began! 20141101_190937 20141101_192424 20141101_194042 20141101_195941








In the beginning we were honestly pretty confused about the rules and what moves were legal…and why do they keep stopping the puck to have another face off? But, as the game went on we began to understand bits and pieces…little by little. After the second period, we also treated ourselves to a large pop and a hot dog, because who can turn down a hot dog at a sporting event..not this girl!






In the end, Harvard and Dartmouth tied, which really bothered my conditioned competitiveness, but at least Harvard didn’t lose. Even with the tie and us still not fully understanding the sport, we definitely enjoyed ourselves. It was a new experience, which is always good, and who knows, we might acculturate ourselves and become hockey fans. The game was definitely addicting!

I’ll leave you with this really cool picture I got of the wall with pictures of teams throughout the years. As you can see, there were quite a few years showcased.20141101_215813



P.S. I went home and researched some of the rules…I still don’t understand the stopping the puck at random to do a face off. Baby steps.