El Palacio Real

Hola Todos,

This past Monday, we had one of our excursions in Madrid, and this one was to the Palacio Real. The Royal Palace was very beautiful and very big. As I’ve said, the Spaniards tend to do everything big and very extravagantly. But, the Royal Palace has over 2,000 rooms and every single one that we looked at had at least one chandelier. The dinning room/hall had around 10 chandeliers and a table that looked as though it could seat around 100 people. Also, interestingly enough the royal family today does not live in the palace. I’m pretty sure it’s been quite some time since a royal family has lived in it.

They also had a couple of separate rooms that we looked at, the armory and royal pharmacy. Cade would have absolutely lost it in the armory; they had so much from horse armor to armor for little kids to huge guns and swords…a man’s dream in other words. The pharmacy was also pretty cool. They had old canisters and a kitchen where they used to cook up remedies for the royals. Very old stuff that I would not quite trust today, but very fascinating.







Hasta Luego!