Blueberry Picking

Another stop along our Lafayette bucket list was the Prelock Blueberry Farm. This was one of those stops where we had talked about going to a blueberry farm for some time, and we had waited until the last week to finally go. And although we waited so long (meaning this would be the only time we would go), it was such a fun experience!

When we first got there, we were directed to park in a field next to a couple other cars, then given a bucket and lead to a row of blueberry plants that would be for just us. They have tons of rows and allow guests to have their own, so there’s no sharing or fighting over the best blueberries. After picking through our row, and eating a few blueberries along the way, we emerged with the spoils. And, I will say that these were by far the best blueberries I have ever plump, fresh, and sweet. If we would have stayed around the area, or gotten around to this sooner, I would have absolutely switched to going to this farm rather than buying blueberries in the store. And, maybe the most amazing part..they were way cheaper than store-bought ones. We got what would probably be anywhere from $6-8 in the store for under $2!











After the blueberry picking, we headed to one of our favorite eateries in Lafayette..the Lafayette Brewing Company. We have eaten here a few times during out time in Lafayette and love it, so naturally we had to go one more time! They in, typical fashion didn’t have one of the beers that we wanted (they only make so much and don’t make more when they sell out for the day). So, we opted for one that we hadn’t tried before and shared a liter instead of getting two pints as this was cheaper in the end. I also tried one of their specials, pheasant sausage, which I had never heard of let alone tried, but I was feeling adventurous. And turns out, pheasant is actually pretty good…if you ever get a chance to try it.20140725_200639








Next will be the last of our Lafayette bucket list..we’re winding down and getting close to the big move!