Go Celtics!

Part of the process of moving to a new area is getting into the local sports. Cade and I weren’t super into sports (football being the only exception) before moving to Boston, but once we got out here and realized how sports crazy this city is we decided to start following some of the teams. As I’m sure you can guess, with both of us attending graduate school we don’t have tons of time to be following sports, but we try to watch games when we get the chance. With such a large city that is Boston, there are plenty of teams to get into to – Bruins (hockey), Celtics (basketball), Red Sox (baseball), and all the college teams, which we mainly focus on Harvard and Boston College. You might have noticed that I left out the Patriots (football). We do follow the Patriots but for the opposite reason. I cannot give up my Colts fandom, and with Cade being a Bengals fan, we follow the Patriots just to hate. It’s a good day in our house when the Patriots loose and all the fans are sad. Cruel? Maybe, but sports are die hard!

Anyways, back to the point of this post, we have set out to, over the course of our time in Boston, attend at least one game for each team. You might recall my posts from the Harvard hockey and football games. This season we were able to cross some of Harvard’s teams off the list, and we looked a bit into the pro teams, but tickets can be so expensive. Then, came to chance to attend a Celtics game for $10 a piece! The Harvard Law Couples Association had obtained some tickets for a discount and were selling them to the members. So, even though we were in the middle of the semester, which means constantly busy, we decided to take advantage of the super cheap price and got to attend an NBA game for $20.

As you can probably guess, the seats were in the nosebleed section, but the way the stadium is set up pretty much all the seats don’t have bad views. Here are a couple pictures to show our view.20150322_180201 20150322_180751











Not bad, right!? As with most games, the energy was high during the majority of the game. Around halftime they even let down tons of little parachutes with t-shirts attached. We weren’t in a good area to get one, but they were funny to watch. If you look closely, you can spot the little while parachutes in these pictures.20150322_182012 20150322_182025











While the Celtics didn’t beat the Pistons, we still had a great time. Actually attending games always gets you hyped up, and you usually end up being super into the game regardless of your feelings before the game. So, we had a great time, enjoyed a little break from the semester grind, and can mark another team from our list.20150322_200403









Edit: We recently got an email from the Couples Association saying that they had a surplus and could return our $20 for the tickets. So, we now have attended an NBA game for free (minus our food)!