Headed to the Wild Wild West

You might remember last summer me talking about Cade spending his summers out of state working for internships. Being a law student, he completes his internships in the summer and his area of interest (environmental law) has taken him out of Massachusetts. Last summer, he spent his time in Denver, and this summer he took off for Bozeman, Montana. It had been a busy summer for me, with starting two new jobs and passing my LCSW exam, and I was beyond ready to take some time off and have some adventures. I was actually fortunate enough to have worked out a five week leave of absence with my employers, which would allow me to visit Cade in Bozeman and a few other exciting things coming up on the blog. For those five weeks, though, I spent the first one visiting Cade and we spent some of that time in Yellowstone.

So, after a crazy busy summer, the time came and I took off for Montana.

Buh bye, Boston!







Little did either of us know prior to this trip that flying to Bozeman is quite the journey. With it being relatively small and not much around it, there aren’t many flights that come into the city. On my way out, I flew all the way to Salt Lake City, then got a connecting flight to Bozeman. Even though it was a long day, it was relatively smooth and soon enough I landed.

Cade came to get me from the airport, and even though it had been a long day so far, with the time difference it was still in the middle of the afternoon. So, Cade dropped me off at a local coffeehouse, Rockford Coffee Roasters, where I looked over some info about Yellowstone and local things to do while he finished his work day.








After a couple hours, he gathered me from my coffee campsite and brought me to his apartment (that he had been renting from the owner for the summer, using AirBnB) to get all settled in. Shortly after dropping off my belongings, we were rather hungry, so we headed out to dinner at a tapas place downtown, Over the Tapas, which was very delicious. Mmm, croquetas and bacon wrapped dates! After spending the summer there, Cade had learned that Bozeman has a pretty good brewery scene, so we wrapped up the evening at MAP Brewing Company for a couple of beers and an amazing view of the mountains.

Super cool old truck hanging out in the parking lot
Super cool old truck hanging out in the parking lot

















Phew, with dinner, that wrapped up a long and exciting day. We settled in for the night and prepared for the adventures to come the next day as we took off for Yellowstone.